Shannon Carlin Casson

Shannon Casson is passionate about getting more females riding bikes. She has recognized that the sport lacks female riders, coaches and mentors and wants to create change, one rider at a time. She is a certified IMBA bike instructor and former Dirt Series bike coach. She is keen to empower riders to break out of their comfort zones, master fundamental bike handling skills, tackle technical trail features, while gaining confidence, camaraderie and friends along the way. She currently has 6 ½ bikes in her inventory and when there’s a dull moment she’ll show you how to juggle while unicycling.  In 2016 she enthusiastically launched the first chapter of Little Bellas in Utah.  Watch out, the next generation of female riders is going to be unstoppable!  

What does mountain biking mean to you?

"Mountain biking is about feeling alive, going to my happy place, and being my authentic self.  It’s a sport that has brought so much to my life and surrounded me with the best of friends to share moments, revel in laughter, soak in adventures, and create new memories."

What inspires you the most both on and off your bike?

"I’m inspired that this sport keeps me striving to be my better best self.  I’m inspired to break out of my comfort zone, push my limits, and never be complacent.  I’m inspired that in this sport I can keep evolving as a rider, every ride and every season."