Beth Olsen

As an ambassador for the mountain biking, diving and yoga and wellness community, I believe our intentions shape our outcomes, our habits rule our behavior and all of that can change the world if we become accountable for our own personal mental and physical health and well being. 

Since 2013, I have overcome total hip replacement, hip dislocation, severe anemia, arrhythmia, breast tumor, type 1 diabetes diagnosis, death of my fiancé by climbing, and my near death from hypothermia skiing at night. Through riding, skiing, yoga, surfing, climbing and meditation, I am empowered by the body and mind moving through the elements of nature. As a mother and coach, that passion spills into efforts to support women who are evolving and exploring- both from within themselves and through their environment. As an artist and designer, life is a craft that is continuously changing form, asking us to solve problems, requiring us to adapt and be curious.

My athletic and movement career started at 5.  Ranked 8th nationally in springboard diving by age 16, I took 5 NCAA national championships. Mountain biking, skiing, climbing, surfing, mountaineering, yoga and meditation are now where I find my flow, evolving from dance, gymnastics, skiing, track, ice-skating, swimming, and tennis from a very early age. I've raced regattas in Venezuela, ice climbed in the Cascades, scuba dived with sharks, skied in Slovenia and sky dived. My brain formed around a range of movement and art, adaptation, and balance from birth.   

Riding bikes just brings all of that together. It’s a seasonal celebration and as a Category 1 racer, I’mstoked to be able to get out and just keep learning and growing every day.