Tricia Shadell

I was raised in Memphis, TN of all places. At the age of sixteen I found myself in Yosemite National Park. I became an avid rock climber (strong). For several years I moved around the country pursuing a passion for the outdoors. Eventually I moved to New Hope, PA to start my career in holistic health as a massage therapist and yoga instructor (balanced). In 2005 I moved to Durango, CO where I worked and became an accomplished horsewoman (courageous). Then I went through a challenging break- up. This time I found myself in behind bars (don’t worry, I am not a hardened criminal). I was wearing my yoga clothes and had my hair in braided pigtails when I was arrested. Somehow, sitting in jail overnight, the story ran in my head. I felt insecure, weak, ungrounded, and fearful. How had I gotten to this place? The morning after my night in jail I went to the local bike shop and bought my first mountain bike. It was June 2010. And I started to pedal. It was hard, I mean mountain biking is freaking hard. Over the course of that first summer I returned back to my roots. My passion for the outdoors is as vivid as ever. I feel strong, balanced, courageous, and secure with who I am and where I am going. I am grateful for the two wheels that bring me back to center and for the amazing community that supports its members. I continue to live in Durango, CO. I have two dogs, a horse, a thriving business, and a wonderful husband. I pursue my adventures on my mountain bike, which leads me to great places with amazing people. I am furthering my skills on the bike so that I can add more coaching to my career in health. I look forward to being able to give back to this great community and introduce more women to the sport. This spring, I will be helping the Durango Devo program by assistant coaching the U14 girls. I will be assisting and learning from coaches with the VIDA MTB Series as well as teaching yoga for the clinics and I couldn’t be more excited!