Leigh Bowe

Leigh Bowe grew up riding the technical terrain on her neighborhood paper route in Wisconsin. It took some skills to be able to throw newspapers while riding staircases. In her adult life she has lived all over the United States and elsewhere. She continues to ride on the world's finest single track where she currently resides in central Colorado. Leigh primarily races Enduro, but she also dabbles in snow biking, cross country, and the occasional strider race as well. Each and every ride provides a new opportunity to work on polishing her mountain biking skills.

To Leigh, mountain biking means health and wellness; it's her means to gaining social, emotional, and physical vitality. She's that annoying person who's always trying to get people out for rides, even in blizzards. Leigh also volunteer coaches with a local girls mountain bike program, The Cycle Effect, and tries to be a good person on the trail, even if its just her and her dog.

Leigh's personal goals for 2015 include:

1. Ride the bench on Horsethief (hopefully before her husband does)

2. 1 pro podium

3. Remain reasonably injury free

4. Ride every drop at the Keystone resort

We're pretty sure she can do it ;)