Uriell Proft

Uriell (or Uri) lives in Breckenridge, CO where she works as a Registered Dietitian, a nanny and at Whole Foods. She grew up on a farm in Vermont with four brothers, two of whom raced downhill, but didn't get her own mountain bike until 2009. After a few years racing cross-country, Uri discovered enduro and now knows she has found her favorite discipline! While not riding, Uri can be found trail running, experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen or exploring the backcountry on her split board during the winter months. This summer Uri is looking forward to getting her instructor certification so that she can begin coaching at some of our VIDA clinics. You'll also find her at Women's Wednesdays at Keystone! 

What does mountain biking mean to you?

"Oh sigh...it just makes me happy. I've always been an avid "athlete" doing a variety of different team and solo sports since I was a kid, but when I started mountain biking I felt like the best of every sport I've done came together in one perfect way. I love that mountain biking makes me push my endurance limits further than anything else simply because I'm having so much fun riding and at the same time gets my adrenaline going and scares me! "

What inspires you the most both on and off your bike?

Doing something that you love in work and in play inspires me and pushes me everyday. I'm working on starting my own private practice as a dietitian right now and most of the reason for that is because I know this is what I love to do (talk about food!) in my personal life. I have one life and I want to enjoy as many minutes of it as I can.