Taylor Bonga

My name is Taylor, I live in Littleton with my husband - David, our 1 year old daughter - Lyla & our two pups - Paisley & Charlie.  I began mountain biking in 2011 in MI where I grew up & like many of us who start something new... I struggled!!!  My husband and I did not speak to each other for an hour after my first bike ride. HAHA!   I went on to continually challenge myself on those trails & on my first trip to Fruita after we moved to CO (thank you to my sister, Bri for taking us!)  I fell in love. Mountain biking became a way of life for me & it  will continue to serve as a life long sport that creates perspective, resilience & determination within all of us. The VIDA community has provided so much value to my life and encouraged me to obtain my Level 1 IMBA certification in 2016.  The connections, relationships, skills and opportunities for growth are an unparalleled experience. In my free time, I enjoy quality time with friends and family, making mala bracelets and experimenting with essential oils :) . I am looking forward to the season and hope to see you out there!

You can follow more of Taylor's adventure on her blog.