Taylor Bonga

Taylor Bonga currently lives in Edgewater, CO with her husband, dog, dog-like cat and baby to be. She grew up in Grand Rapids, MI playing soccer and rugby. After graduating college, she fulfilled her life-long dream and moved to Colorado to take advantage of what the Rocky Mountains had to offer. Her love for biking was ignited when she bought her first full-suspension bike in 2011. Her now husband, sisters and their spouses showed her the ropes, traveling all over Colorado to explore the different trails. She couldn’t get enough of the sunshine, single track and biking/camping weekends with her buds. In the spring of 2014, she was introduced to the crew who now calls themselves the Colorowdies-- many of them enduro racers, many of them amateur bad asses. These people inspired her to a whole new level. Group rides with these folks meant getting out of your comfort zone and getting after obstacles and terrain she never thought possible. She couldn’t believe she had found a group of so many like-minded individuals who were just as crazy as she was. In the spring of 2016 she earned her IMBA ICP Level 1 and is excited to take that knowledge to the trails and VIDA clinics. She plans to continue pursuing Level 2 and 3 in order to coach on a more regular basis and spread the stoke for years to come! These friendships, challenges, celebrations, and insight that she finds within herself are what keep her coming back for more. Not to mention the mountain therapy that comes along with it all-- including yoga on the trail!  

“Mountain biking has changed my life. It has changed my life in the most positive light possible. To enlighten other’s lives and wellbeing, both mentally and physically, would be the ultimate gift. Let’s ride bikes, talk bikes, drink beer and have fun while consistently improving!  Cheers!”

You can follow more of Taylor's adventure on her blog.