Brittany Greer

Despite being a Colorado native, I didn't discover my passion for the great outdoors until I moved down to Argentina in 2009 and threw myself deep into the Patagonian wilderness. Upon my return to Colorado in 2010 I was quickly introduced to mountain biking. The adventures it took me on and the experiences it encompassed stole my heart. My second year riding, I hit my first DH trail and that was it…I was HOOKED! My passion quickly ignited and now each and every ride fuels the fire to keep exploring, pushing, and progressing. The second I jump on my Yeti, my heart flutters and my soul sparks!

I've been coaching for VIDA since 2015 and have found this to be my favorite component in my own bike world. It's so rewarding to be a sliver of someone's bike journey and offer whatever skills, empowerment and strength that I can. I've been racing since 2014 and race pro enduro CO circuits when my life/schedule allows. I'm also the Director of Women's Program and Colorado Mountain Bike Association.

I simply want as many humans as possible to find the same captivating ecstasy that I've found through biking. I’m honored to be a part of the VIDA family and mission! Cheers to spreading the love of biking to as many lady shredders as possible!