Brittany Greer

Despite being a Colorado native, I didn't discover my passion for the great outdoors until I moved down to Argentina in 2009 and threw myself deep into the Patagonian wilderness. Upon my return to Colorado as a vivacious 23 year old, I was quickly introduced to mountain biking. At first, the sport alone wasn't completely enrapturing, but the adventures it took me on and the experiences it encompassed stole my heart. My second season, I hit my first DH trail and that was it…I was HOOKED! My passion quickly ignited and now each and every ride fuels the fire to keep exploring, pushing, and progressing.

Biking has truly changed my life (my summer calendars can certainly attest to this)! I’ve found a thrill, a passion, an intense drive, and a sheer love that I haven’t experienced elsewhere in life. The second I jump on my bici, my heart flutters and my ridiculously cheesy perma-smile hits...time to ride!!!

I have a lot of personal goals for the upcoming season. One of which is to throw myself into the enduro race circuit, regardless of my many fears and lack of experience. There are a lot of bad ass babes out there, and I’m really looking forward to soaking up their inspiration on and off the clock!

I want as many humans as possible to find the same captivating ecstasy that I've found through biking. I’m stoked to be a part of VIDA in helping spread the love of biking to as many lady shredders as possible! May your hearts flutter and smile as mine does each time you saddle up! BIKES!!!!!!!!!