Holly Borowski

I started biking in 2002, but primarily stuck to road riding/racing at first. I did try a little mountain biking back then, but at the time I hated it! I thought I’d never be able to ride those technical trails everyone else seemed to ride so easily. Ten years later, I was burnt out on road racing and decided to give mountain biking another try. By riding trails that were within or just slightly above my ability, I realized how much fun it was to work on improving the skills I had at the time, rather than expecting myself to take an immediate leap to riding the most technical trails around.

Since then, I’ve continued to enjoy working on my technical skills, and I love the feeling that there is infinite room for progression. Beyond improving my skills, exploration and adventure are my main motivators for getting out on my bike. I love trying out new trails, seeing new sights from my bike, and meeting new friends to ride with. I’ve learned that the mountain bike community is made up of so many people with similar goals, and it always surprises me how easy it is to connect with awesome new friends with whom I can experience beautiful new places.

Aside from biking, I’m currently a grad student at CU-Boulder in Aerospace Engineering. Most of my days are spent doing a bunch of math and thinking about the next time I’ll be able to get outside for a ride.

My goals for the upcoming summer (2015) are:

-Do at least 4 enduro races

-Continue to improve my skills (lots of specific smaller goals here, but I’ll leave them out for now!)

-Ride a trail I’ve never ridden before at least once a month

-Ride with someone I’ve never ridden with before at least once a month

If you want to help me with those last two goals, I hope I get to meet you and ride with you soon!