Bri Dilley

Bri lives in Durango, CO with her wonderful husband and their dog, Keera.  She grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she loved playing soccer.  While attending college at Western Michigan University, she discovered the love of another team sport, rugby.  Playing rugby was one of the best experiences of her life because she found a new way to challenge herself while creating lifelong friendships.  As soon as she graduated, she accepted a teaching job in Colorado Springs and packed up her small Honda Civic to move across the country.  A few years later, she met her husband Matt, who mountain biked, and he quickly got Bri on the bike too. Their move to Durango only increased her passion for riding.  She missed the camaraderie of playing team sports and realized mountain biking filled that void through pushing the limits with family and friends. Riding her bike has become an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. “One of the best parts of mountain biking is pushing myself both physically and mentally.  I love conquering an obstacle that initially I find impossible to tackle, which makes me so high on life.  These adventures leave an imprint on the person I am today.” 

 Bri is extremely excited to be a VIDA Ambassador!  This year she will lead a group ride for local women who either bike or have an interest in exploring the sport.  She envisions this group supporting women at all skill levels.  ”Our group rides will truly bring a sense of teamwork to an individual sport through sharing knowledge and supporting each other to progress our riding skills and personal goals.”  Bri is enthusiastic about encouraging people to embrace mountain biking’s healthy lifestyle and she feels passionate about advancing the mission of VIDA!  

"Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving." Albert Einstein

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