Jen Hudak

My name is Jen Hudak. Of many things, I am an eternal motivator. I believe greatly in human potential and the power of trying to do something that you're not entirely sure you can achieve. I use the word "no" with caution and try to never use it just because I'm afraid of what saying "yes" might mean. I'm almost always willing to take one more step, to peek around one more corner, before I truly say "no." More often than not, this strategy has led me to greatness, unforeseen opportunity and growth. Sometimes it has gotten me into trouble, at times it has caused pain and heartbreak, but it has made me stronger, more compassionate and more prepared for life than simply saying "no" could have ever done.

In 2004 I moved to Utah to pursue my dreams of being a professional skier. That dream carried me far and lead to many successes and many failures, it offered endless character building opportunities and priceless experiences. I now have two world championship titles to my name and 5 X-Games medals, but one of the greatest gifts skiing has given me is mountain biking. In 2009 after a surgery to my left knee and limitations on weight bearing and impact activities I turned to mountain biking.

For many years mountain biking was a cross training activity- what I did to heal my knees and body to get ready for ski season. The smooth single-track trails in Park City, UT were perfect grounds for physical therapy. However, In April 2013 I went on a life changing mountain bike trip to Moab, UT with some friends from Salt Lake City. For the first time I saw the vast possibilities that mountain biking had to offer- new territory that could be explored and new connections to nature that could be forged. I've since begun dabbling in some Enduro and endurance racing to challenge myself physically and mentally. I bike because I love it, I race because I love the power of competition and I'm proud to be a VIDA ambassador to share that love with many others just like me!

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