Brianna Roth

Brianna loves all things outdoors and discovered her passion for mountain biking four years ago after living and teaching in China prompted a move to the mountains for clean air and the mountain lifestyle.

Having grown up playing many different sports and choosing to pursue soccer and track and field into university, she decided to try a new sport at the age of 25, and mountain biking sounded like a sweet one to give a go. So she bought a bike, started riding everyday, fell and crashed a lot, hired a coach and within two seasons of focused training and competing earned a UCI elite level status in mountain biking. Brianna also spends her time doing other activities such as skiing, hiking, rock-climbing, water sports and anything else involving the great outdoors! 

Residing in Canmore, Alberta in the heart of the rockies, she feels blessed to live in such a beautiful mountain town and awesome community. Brianna still focuses on racing and competing, but what she enjoys most is getting out on the bike with others and exploring the beautiful mountains on two wheels. She's been fortunate to ride in Asia, New Zealand, several countries in Europe, and throughout North America, but her favorite place is still the wild west (and true north ) in being the Canadian Rockies and West Coast! She is a PE and Outdoor Education teacher and has coached a variety of sports including more recently mountain biking. She loves getting to be apart of seeing other women find the joy of mountain biking and wants to encourage them to pursue their goals within the sport, but most of all to get out on the bike and have a blast!