Jessica Conner


Jessica was born and raised in Illinois and received a B.A. in Art Education from The University of Illinois before moving to Colorado Springs in 2005 with her husband. As an avid rock climber, Jessica felt comfortable pushing her limits in the outdoors. When she began mountain biking, she had little cardio fitness and was slow and fearful on the mountain bike. This all changed as she embraced how mountain biking engaged her with nature, and provided challenge and satisfaction from conquering the smallest achievements. 

Jessica will never forget the “beginner’s mind” and struggles she had on the bike in those early developmental years (and it took years). Learning to mountain bike, and becoming a “mountain biker” also introduced Jessica to many inspiring, strong, and confident women. In 2009, Jessica and three friends co-founded the Women’s Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs whose mission is to engage a community of supportive female cyclists of all abilities through organized group mountain bike rides. 

When Jessica’s family moved to Springfield, MO, in 2012 for a three year job stint, it was difficult to leave behind the community she helped build in Colorado Springs. Jessica quickly became involved with the growing Springfield mountain biking community and volunteered for the local trail non-profit, Trailspring. Three years flew by, and now Jessica’s family is settled in the majestic town of Golden, CO, with their three young children…No doubt Jessica is taking advantage of having trails in her backyard again. 

Jessica is excited to be a part of VIDA, to continue helping women develop confidence and skills on the mountain bike, and to be part of a community of women that share that passion! As a working mother of three, Jessica also wants to inspire other moms to become better riders!