Alyssa Feinberg

Hi! My name is Alyssa Feinberg and I am 16 years old and currently live in Boulder, Colorado.  I learned to ride a bike when I was five years old and have ridden with my parents ever since. About four years ago, I joined a team and truly started to appreciate what mountain biking is. 

I love the biking community and growing number of women and girls who are getting into this sport. With mountain biking being a male dominated sport, I was really surprised by the supportive and energetic group of women who mountain bike. This helped me find my strengths as a person and a biker.  Through mountain biking, I have made so many friends and gone on so many adventures.  My favorite thing about this sport are the places your bike takes you, places inaccessible by anything else. It’s those places that make this sport what it is. 

I started racing about three years ago, and I’m hooked. Coming from figure skating, the comradery of mountain biking was shocking and I love that you can race your best friends out on the course but at the end, you’re just friends and the best part is knowing that you gave it your all. As a sophomore in high school, I have raced in the Colorado High School Cycling League for the past two years and am amazed how unique mountain biking is.

I’m so excited to be a VIDA Ambassador and I can’t wait to build the same comradery with women new to the sport and get them excited about biking. Unlike other sports, you can start biking at any age and improve no matter your background. I love the message VIDA promotes and I am so proud to be able to help them in their mission!

When I’m not biking, you can find me Nordic skiing, playing piano and violin, or doing homework 😉!