Ariana Dittmer

Ariana started mountain biking when she was eight years old in New Mexico. Her mom, Carrie, loved riding and racing, so Ariana was bound to get into it at some point in her life. Motivation was the hardest part about riding at a young age, but once she was out there on the trails, she absolutely loved it and never wanted to stop. At 12 years old, she started racing cross country and loved the adrenaline rush, suffering and how much fun it was. After moving back to CO, she started racing road and cyclocross, but after racing those disciples for a while, she realized she wanted to race more mountain. 

In high school, she raced the Colorado High School Cycling League mountain bike races, Mountain States Cup, and multiple national championships. She continued her racing at Colorado Mesa University where she raced for the team for four and a half years. During those years, she competed in track, mountain, cyclocross, bmx and road and went to 16 national championships. After focusing on cross country for so long, she realized she wanted to try something new. Going into her sophomore year of college, she found out about enduro racing and signed up for the Big Mountain Enduro race in Keystone. Ever since then, she has raced multiple enduros and has been in love with that discipline since.

For this year, Ariana has a full calendar of enduros, mountain bike trips and vacations. She is super stoked about being a VIDA Ambassador and can’t wait to get more women on bikes!