Leslie Resnick

My first time on a bike might have been my last. My big brother put me on his bike and pushed me down the street. With no coaching, I figured the balance part of it. The idea of how to stop, in my yet to form brain, was to ride into a parked car on side of the street. I accomplished stopping, and two other things. I got back up and wanted more freedom of being on a bike, and also the desire to learn...how to stop.

I was part of the early days of mountain biking in the early 80s in theGunnison/Crested Butte area. I remember when my friend Lester bought one of the 1st bikes sold at the TuneUp, for something like $600! We laughed at him for the absurdity of the thing (it looked more like what a cyclocross bike looks like today IMO), and then took turns riding it. It wasn't long before I started my obsession of riding dirt. 

We had to figure everything out on our own in those early days. How to was yet to be decided. There are photos of me riding over Pearl Pass in cutoff jean shorts, no helmet, tennis shoes and impressively, panniers.

We took those bikes everywhere, including many places we were not allowed. Was it a mistake or planned? Not disclosing. Point Reys was magnificent. Yosemite, maybe not the best idea. Daisy Pass, the photo attached, was used in a pull out advertisement for Fat Chance (that is a very closed trail).

Most of my friends raced, but it was not my thing. I did learn from many of the best.

Fast forward a few decades and a heap of technology advancements. Suspension, clipless pedals, <wearing> helmets, chamois, dropper posts, Yeti bikes and things keep getting better! The trail opportunities continue to improve as well. And technique! Coaching is the great fast forward to skill mastery and that adds exponentially to the super stoke factor.

I raced road bikes, specialized in time trials for a while (I think I like pain) and threw in some Mtn Bike races as well as cyclocross. I went as far as running a women's road team. I loved the girls, the team Audi Allroad and the work, but not the crap that goes along with it, so I moved to Golden and live .16 miles from the trails on South Table Mountain. When I am not selling houses, I try to be riding dirt.

I have a passion for helping others gain skills. I am a telemark coach in the winter, and feel I also do a lot of coaching as a Realtor. My cousin once said to me she didn't want to ride dirt with me because she wasn't good enough. That is complete BS, and I started to formulate an idea to put together a course for neophyte women mountain bikers. I find when you work within a persons comfort zone, a person is more willing to breathe. When a person is breathing, everything just works better. The mind and the body gotta love the positive affect that oxygen has on a person. Once you begin to gain skill and mastery, then you can push the envelope!

Likes: Bikes, skis and bacon

Dream Bike vacation: mountain biking France with the Eleven Experience. I was able to enjoy their unbelievable road program, and want to follow up with some dirt!

Favorite bike: equal opportunist, it is like choosing your favorite kid