Shannon Palinor Velasco

I didn't discover the great outdoors until pretty recently. 3 years ago I decided that the way I was living life didn't serve me in anyway and I quit drinking alcohol. My first love that came from that was rock climbing. I jumped into it wholeheartedly. Being outside and challenging myself was exactly what I needed. But I soon realized that climbing was definitely a group sport and trying to find climbing partners while I was being a nomad was tough, and I wanted to try something else.

So then came mountain biking. I bought my first mountain bike, a Specialized Cambre, for my 1 year anniversary of quitting drinking. At the time, I was temporally living in Colorado so as soon as the snow melted I was on the trails. That summer is when I stumbled across a VIDA clinic. I signed up for the one day clinic and on a whim signed up for the Bet Bike Bash. First clinic and first mountain bike race EVER! I had the best time, learned so much, and actually finished the race. After that I was hooked. Not just on mountain biking but the community that it is encompassed with. I love seeing women empowered and the creation of community by and for them, and how the sport is growing to see badass women riders all over. I see the same thing in rock climbing. It's extremely exciting! And of course after that I bought my Yet Beti ASR.

Within the last year I've been riding and climbing all over the west, my favorite place so far being Moab, Utah. After a decade of being a nomad I decided to put down some roots and go back to school (at 38!). I live in Eureka, California, in Humboldt County - home of the Redwoods. I'm currently finishing my prerequisites for nursing school. I share a home with my 14 week old puppy Nova, my wonderful boyfriend and his dog Brook, and our kitty, Lily.