Terri Diffenbaugh

My first task as a VIDA ambassasor is to write my bio. Probably like most of you, I read through some of the other bios to see the “flavor” in which the bio should be written. I read through quite a few of them and quickly saw that I am part of an elite group of women! To my dismay, I became slightly discouraged in that I don’t have much under my belt as far as accomplishments compared to the other ladies. 

I am a late bloomer in that I did not start riding until my 40’s. My then boyfriend, now husband, was/is obsessed with this sport of riding. I have always participated in sports and when we met, I had just completed my first marathon. Five years later, I completed my 2nd marathon. With my love for the outdoors and our desire to be able to enjoy a sport together, my husband suggested that I try mountain biking with him. 

The first ride together was a disaster! I looked at him and said, “You want me to ride this, down that?!? Are you crazy!!!” The date ended in tears with me accusing him of just wanting to show off! Being a glutton for punishment, the 1st ride led to another ride and then another, and I actually started to enjoy riding. At that time, we became avid downhillers and rode every chance we got at the “local” mountain bike parks. Local being 4 hours away but we didn’t mind the drives to Snowshoe, Blue Mountain, Mountain Creek, Highland Park and our ultimate drive to Whistler. Keep in mind that we are from Virginia so that equated to 9 days in the car round trip just to be able to experience this ultimate mountain bike park. I completed my first downhill race at Snowshoe when my husband and I entered the Chomolunga Challenge. 20 laps down the mountain split between us! 

Although I love riding downhill, I was missing the endurance work-out similar to what I experienced when running. So a couple of years ago we both bought Yeti's to try enduro riding and I have been having the time of my life! We have local parks to ride but we have also travelled the east coast from the Kingdom Trails in Vermont to Pisquah Forest in North Carolina. 

From all of our time spent riding, I have discovered that mountain biking is so much more to me than just a physical challenge. By riding obstacles, my confidence has improved, not only on my bike, but has transcended into my personal life as well. No matter how bad my work day, my bike makes everything all better! 

Which leads me back to my first paragraph. I may not have accomplishments under my belt, but I do have one thing in common with all of the ambassadors and that is a huge enthusiasm for this sport and a passion for riding. I am very excited to have the opportunity to promote mountain biking to women so that they can experience the same passion and growth that I have experienced. I would love pioneering for VIDA so that there is a strong presence here on the east coast and look forward to the possibility of becoming a coach and seeing where this journey leads me.