Wendy Hazard-McClain

My love and passion for mountain biking is in itself a metaphor of my favorite mountain bike ride. Smooth and flowing, up and down, technically difficult at times, filled with beauty and camaraderie, destined to make a memory and to promote smiles.

The slick rock and deep sand of Moab on a borrowed bike was where it all began. I was hooked. I sought out any opportunity to ride…from local fire roads and single track to road trips with friends to Crested Butte, New Mexico, and Utah. I worked in a bike shop during graduate school to keep connected to biking, learning again that biking was mostly about friendships built and new paths explored.

In those early days, I didn’t see many other women mountain biking. So I often found myself chasing the boys, just like I did on the ski hill growing up. And like skiing, I love the exhilaration, freedom, and confidence that mountain biking instills. Biking is more than a sport or even a passion for me. Biking is a gift that has given me so many wonderful lessons, experiences and opportunities – and with every ride more memories are made.

I am honored to be a VIDA Ambassador and excited to have the opportunity to help promote and support women and girls in discovering the power, confidence, and peace mountain biking can bring.