Alli Fogle

Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, my family would routinely go on ‘mountain bike’ rides out the door of our house.   My favorite route was a gravel road climb to the top of a nearby mountain with a five mile downhill return!   Letting go of the brakes, I felt like I was flying, cruising over the gravel and the pot holes that dotted the poorly-maintained road.  To this day I still have a small piece of gravel buried just under the skin in my left knee, a memento from my first real crash.

I think that’s where my love of biking all began, but it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I got a taste of real mountain biking.  It started out pretty rough—I bought a bike and started tagging along with my boyfriend and his friends.  I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and I struggled to keep up, wondering when it would start to get fun.  That all changed when I signed up for a VIDA clinic in 2014.  I think I my skills grew more in that one day than they had over the prior 1.5 years and I fell in love with my new sport!

Now mountain biking is a huge part of who I am and I feel most myself when I’m on my bike.  Biking has not only allowed me to explore the amazing world that we live in, but has also introduced me to an amazing community of people—my people—that love to have fun and adventure as much as I do.  I am so excited to continue to grow in the sport and increase my skills this year.  And I can’t wait to explore new places and re-visit some of my favorite trails!  I’m pumped and so thankful that I get to spread the joy of this sport with more women as a member of the VIDA Ambassador crew!!

When I’m not riding bikes, you can find me sipping a beer around a campfire, trying to ski all the powder, and/or cooking and eating (but mostly just eating) good food.