Megan Davin

I am an outdoorsist: I live, work and study around nature. After growing up in both suburban Massachusetts and New Jersey, I fled to the mountains of Vermont.  After 10 years in Vermont, I decided that change was necessary and I picked up and moved to Colorado, and then just over a year later to Utah, where I am today. 

I got my first bike in 2011. When working at a ski shop in Vermont, I was convinced by co-workers to spend my tax refund on a brand new full suspension mountain bike. I had never mountain biked, and I have never regretted that decision. Since then I have been continuously working to up my skills while traveling around and seeing many new places from my bike. From Vermont to Colorado and Utah, I love the freedom you feel when behind the handle bars of a bicycle. 

I have discovered a magical community within the world of mountain biking, my people and my tribe. I have met most of my best friends through mountain biking. Now with 10 years experience working in the outdoor industry, I love giving back the same opportunities I had to people who are looking to get involved. Even as a passionate skier, I frequently find myself talking about and dreaming of bike season! 

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