Jennifer Peterson

I discovered mountain biking just a few years ago.  I grew up playing team sports of every kind, including going to West Point to play basketball in college.  And even though I grew up in Colorado, my family never biked, so it wasn't a regular part of my life.  (I can't even believe, now, that I drove to and from my college classes when I lived a mile away from campus!  But I just had never really been exposed to biking).

That all began to change, though, in 2008 after my mother lost a 15 year battle with adrenal cancer. Several friendsand I signed up for a women's only sprint triathlon in honor of my mom and to raise funds for the T-Gen Foundation, which specializes in rare cancer research.  Training for that race, I tried out a real road bike for the very first time, and I fell in love with the speed and freedom of riding.  Since I wasn't familiar with mountain biking, though, that always seemed too dangerous, especially with two kids to take care of.  It wasn't until my husband started to really get into mountain biking and kept bugging me to give it a try, that I finally acquiesced.  After having our second child in 2012, and with the encouragement of a few other friends who were mountain biking junkies, I gradually began trying out some trails. 

At first, I thought I was going to hate the climbing aspect, and the downhill terrified me!  I was so surprised to find that I actually love the feeling of accomplishment you get when you ride something big or climb a hard trail.  And I quickly learned that you are in control of how fast and aggressive you are on the downhill, so the danger aspect is relative to what you want to take on.  The part that really sucked me into mountain biking, though, was being able to be out in nature and really disconnect from the chaos of everyday life.  We are so fortunate to live in Colorado, where really great trails are a matter of minutes away, and phenomenal rides are only a car ride away. 

Every year, I get further into the mountain biking world and fall more in love with it.  I did my first VIDA clinic last summer and was blown away at the impactful coaching and the incredible community surrounding it.  I consider it my biggest calling in life to lift up, encourage and inspire other women, so being a VIDA Ambassador is such an honor.  When I'm not riding or chasing our kids around, my husband and I own a health and nutrition coaching business, and I lead women's ministry efforts at our church, so I'm really passionate about helping women take control and design the most amazing life they can imagine.  I am so excited to be a part of this community and to get to go ride with such amazing women!