Stacey Zander

Having been raised in Denver by two adventurous parents, Stacey was exposed to biking, skiing, hiking, and climbing at a young age. This led her to a career in the outdoors, from being a guide to a wilderness instructor to a wildlife researcher. Combining work and play, Stacey has spent a lot of time outside! Bikes have been a huge part of her life for over 10 years now, having gotten started in college by trying to keep up with her male mountain biker buddies, slowly picking up skills along the way.

Stacey spent her 20s adventuring around the US and the globe, including a bike tour in Central America for 3 months followed by a cross country tour from California to Connecticut. Having two woman-powered wheels as her sole source of transportation, life slowed down. She learned to appreciate life in the saddle when her only sense of time was the passing of the sun across the sky. It was a life-changing experience that translated into a desire to spend more and more time on her mountain bike when she returned home.

Now that she’s a mom of two little ones, her focus has shifted from epic bike trips to weekend warrior excursions. But her love of bikes has never waned! If anything, this change of pace gave her the opportunity to get more involved in her local mountain biking community. Expanding her once small circle of female riders has introduced her to some of the most passionate, empowering, and supportive women she’s ever met. Stacey believes the female mountain bike community truly is a special one, and her goal is to encourage other women to build their own family of lady shredders. Women have a unique way of acquiring skills, so who better to learn from than fellow ladies who have been through the same struggles? Stacey is thrilled to now be IMBA ICP Level 1 certified and a VIDA Ambassador, and she can’t wait to spend this season riding and coaching as much as she can!