Jordan Selk-Johnson

Surprisingly, as a Colorado native, I did not find mountain biking until I was 21. During my college career as a runner for Western State College I was constantly injured, but I LOVED being outside and on the trails. So I headed to a local bike shop in Gunnison to find my first mountain bike. I literally knew NOTHING about bikes and was asked if I wanted a downhill or cross country bike. My response:  what's the difference? After landing on a used, aluminum bike complete with v-brakes, 26'' wheels, and a 3x9 cassette, I was off discovering the world in a whole new way. Simply put, I was in love with the challenge of riding and the opportunity to see new places.

Little did I know I'd also meet amazing people on two wheels. While I was initially intimidated of the "bad-assness" of other riders- particularly women- I quickly discovered how wrong I was! The amount of encouragement, advice, and fun times I share with other riders is now a major element of my life. I am grateful for those who have shaped me as a rider and an athlete and I am stoked to keep spreading the love of bikes and the feelings of community, sheer positivity, and empowerment biking gives me. 

When I'm not racing cross country mountain bike races or Xterras (off-road triathlon), I am teaching and coaching middle and high schoolers, and enjoying every moment in sunny Colorado. I believe in being my best self to help others achieve their best selves- both on and off the bike. I'm always shredy for the next big adventure!