Alex Tsantes

Alex grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California where she cultivated an appreciation for the outdoors, wildlife, and homework by candlelight when the power went out (which was often). However, it wasn't until adulthood that she discovered what she considers to be the "true" West and found her heart in the high desert and mountains of Colorado and Utah.

Alex hopped on a mountain bike the day she decided to stop lamenting the end of ski season, and it has become her best decision in five years of Colorado living. Other than the obvious fun of two wheels, what Alex loves most is the moxie she feels on the bike, the way it positively impacts her mental and physical health, and the engaging community at the heart of women's mountain biking. VIDA MTB Series was an integral part of her introduction to the sport, and she's grateful for the opportunity to give back to this community as an Ambassador.

When she's not riding, Alex can be found carving a slalom water ski on Lake Powell, running, reading, hiking, cooking, hanging with the cat, or caring for those facing advanced illness as a registered nurse.