Chris Schieffer

Chris’ name is JUST Chris, not short for anything. She is a Colorado Native and grew up in a small mountain town. She got her first fully rigid mountain bike in 1994 and HAD to bike through the woods to get to school and other places she wanted to go. Since biking was a necessity and not a luxury, she took a biking hiatus as she attended college at Colorado State University. After working in the “real world” for a few years, she finally saved enough money to purchase a full suspension “mean machine” and immediately fell in love. She officially started biking (for pleasure) in 2008. In 2012, after having two children, she started entering XC races and now participates in a mix of Endurance and Enduro mountain bike races, for sport.

After years of working as an information technology consultant, Chris decided to quit the rat race and follow her true calling of teaching and helping others. She now works at a mountain bike focused non-profit, is an IMBA ICP Level 2 certified skills instructor & guide, a certified personal trainer & nutritionist, and a high school cross country running coach.

Chris has two boys (four if you count the husband and trail dog) who help keep her active and motivated to get outside. While biking with her family is the main pleasure in her life, Chris also enjoys snowboarding, running, hiking, boxing, Taekwondo with her kids, weight lifting and generally being active and outdoors.

Fun fact:  Chris has short hair and tends to “look like a dude” while biking, so she wears an obscene amount of colors on the trail and has bedazzled all of her bike helmets with glitter.  #ShesActuallyAUnicorn.