Stephanie Maltarich

I have been riding mountain bikes since 1985. My original bike was a chrome Diamond Back Assent. It was totally rigid and cost $300.  At 70 years old I have seen many changes in bikes, prices and riding styles. The thrill of riding challenging single track is still with me and I hope to be able to ride for many more years.

Travelling with my mountain bike keeps me motivated to stay fit and improve my skills. My overseas trips have been to The Yukon, Iceland, and Scotland.  I have ridden in Oregon, Arizona, Utah, South Dakota, and Colorado.

I love to take clinics, perfect my skills, and learn new ones. Through the VIDA Ambassador program, I am able to encourage women to ride, experience all women clinics, and enjoy their bikes. I have a dream of becoming a level 2 IMBA coach.  

My goals for 2018 are to ride and finish the Gunnison Half Growler, to ride in Switzerland, and to help VIDA continue help women form bonds in the mountain biking community and have fun.