Chelsea McGowan's love for two wheels started as soon as her feet hit the ground. Growing up outside of Telluride, CO, she spent countless winter days alpine skiing. She discovered mountain biking was a great summer pastime and really got back into the sport after college to get back into shape.

Chelsea has been a member of Team Yeti Beti for the last eight years. Initially a cross-country racer with an impressive resume of several 24 hour races, enduro races have been a great compliment to her love of technical riding. She has been coaching with VIDA for two years and is an IMBA ICP Level II Certified Instructor. She loves seeing when the light bulbs light up as skills click with her students.  

Amy Thomas discovered early on that a bike was her ticket to freedom. Her first mountain bike in 1985 allowed her to explore the backyard woods of Duluth, MN. With a diverse cycling resume, Amy fell hardest for fat tires soon after moving to Colorado in 1996. As co-founder of Team Yeti Beti and the Beti Bike Bash women's only mountain bike race, Amy's racing resume includes a 24 Hour Duo National Championship with teammate Chelsea, and top podium spots in cross country endurance races, including finishing the BC Bike Race and the Breck Epic stage races. She's been working on her technical riding more and has gravitated towards adding in enduro racing to really test her skills. After coaching nordic and telemark skiing in college, mountain bike coaching was a natural progression for Amy. She has been involved with VIDA since its inception and is an IMBA ICP Level II instructor. 

Always smiling, Dawn Cooper is a highly talented and sensitive teacher with an uncanny ability to connect with every unique individual she coaches. She has a diverse and extensive instructional background; on the bike, in the backcountry, and in the classroom. She is a former professional downhill racer, a level 1 Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, Leave No Trace Instructor, and a full time teacher. She owns a mountain bike instruction program in Grand Junction, CO, called Boneshaker Adventures.

Anne St. Claire, originally a Pennsylvania native, migrated west on a cross-country road cycling adventure–eventually landing in Breckenridge, Colorado in 2006. Her love of bike-touring and her first mountain bike ride in Moab launched her head over heels into a decade-long career as a mountain bike guide based out of Moab, UT. Having guided over 100 multi-day bike tours across the western U.S., Anne’s greatest joy has been sharing the ride experience and encouraging lifelong trail exploration. During the winter months, she teaches avalanche education for the Backcountry Babes and works as a lead backcountry ski guide and Snow Safety Director for Powder Addiction cat-skiing. 

Anne is excited beyond words to see women in the mountain bike industry making waves, and she is grateful for the opportunity to contribute through her involvement with VIDA. Most importantly, Anne is a Cancer, her spirit animal is a buffalo, and her favorite breakfast is huevos rancheros.

Bri Dilley lives in Durango, CO with her wonderful husband and their dog, Keera. She has been a VIDA Ambassador and coach for two years! Bri loves the camaraderie of biking with women and pushing the limits with family and friends. “One of the best parts of mountain biking is pushing myself both physically and mentally. I love conquering an obstacle that initially I find impossible to tackle, which makes me so high on life. These adventures leave an imprint on the person I am today. I am so excited to spread this passion on to other women! Let's get out and ride bikes!"

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
— Albert Einstein

Shannon Casson is passionate about getting more females riding bikes. She has recognized that the sport lacks female riders, coaches and mentors and wants to create change, one rider at a time. She is a certified IMBA bike instructor and former Dirt Series bike coach. She is keen to empower riders to break out of their comfort zones, master fundamental bike handling skills, tackle technical trail features, while gaining confidence, camaraderie and friends along the way. She currently has 6 ½ bikes in her inventory and when there’s a dull moment she’ll show you how to juggle while unicycling.  In 2016 she enthusiastically launched the first chapter of Little Bellas in Utah.  Watch out, the next generation of female riders is going to be unstoppable!  

Brittany Greer is a Colorado native living in Denver, CO. Mountain biking has truly changed her life. She has found a thrill, a passion, an intense drive, and a sheer love experienced nowhere else. Brittany recognizes the enormous advantages of being surrounded female peers, and has a knack for creating a fun and comfortable environment for woman to push themselves to the next level, advance their bike handling skills, and tackle new challenges.

She recognizes that the better you are at something, the more fun it is, so she's dedicated to getting as many woman as possible to be ballers on bikes. When she's not coaching she's racing at regional enduro races, wakeboarding, or traveling to bike destinations with friends.

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Jill Damman is a IMBA ICP Level 1 skills instructor and adventurer based in Midway, Utah. She found her passion for mountain biking while living in Jackson, Wyoming, in 2005. Since then Jill competitively raced until 2012 and is now deepening her knowledge in order to make adventures as safe, fun and authentic as they can be. She is dedicated to living her mountain bike passion and to teaching different techniques, and always includes variations suitable for all levels of experience.

Lauren Patterson, AKA Professor Shred loves shredding trails and catching air. She has been coaching for over five years and also races and competes in downhill and dirt jump competitions. When Lauren is not on her bike, she may be creating art of some sort, or getting lost in the forest on an epic hike with her wife.

Born and raised in Utah, Rachel Warner has been spoiled with some of the best mountain bike riding in the world and has been riding most of her life. She started coaching three years ago and has had the pleasure of working at all levels with itty-bitty kids to "over the hill" senior riders. Previously, Rachel worked full-time with NICA as the Utah League Program Director and started the Elevate program for kids with special needs. Currently Rachel is an outdoor guide and coach for a number of organizations and absolutely loves seeing other women enjoying the outdoors and riding bikes.

A professional racer since 2007, Amanda Carey was the National Ultra Endurance Series Overall Champion in 2010 and 2011. Although she found success as a pro mountain bike and cyclocross racer, she retired in 2015 to pursue her true passions: coaching and advocacy! Amanda is a Level 2 IMBA skills instructor and also has a master’s degree in sports psychology. She lives in Victor, Idaho where she is the Executive Director of the IMBA chapter Mountain Bike the Tetons and is also the Team Director for the local high school mountain bike team.

Former professional big mountain snowboarder, downhill racer, passionate mountain biker, coach, mother, and small business owner, Julie Olsen has an impressive resume. She started mountain biking in Wisconsin in 1991 and mountain biking instantly became her passion; nothing else existed anymore. She raced cross country and 24 hour races including Montezuma's Revenge and 24 hours of Moab until she caught the downhill race bug. Moving up quickly through the ranks of DH with a win at NORBA Nationals, Julie started racing pro and did so for 10 years. She has a 7 year old daughter who loves riding bikes too! Julie loves to see women fall in love with mountain biking as she did, and still does, every time she rides her bike.

Kim Godfrey, originally a swimmer from Chicago, made her way to Colorado in search of adventure. Twelve years later she’s racing pro downhill and travels across the country chasing the Pro GRT race series and other national level events.

It all started in 2005 as trying out a triathlon for the first time. That one race sparked a fire that spread into her life as an all-encompassing love of bikes that runs deep. Kim has explored nearly every discipline of riding and racing: Triathlon, road, track, crits, CX, XC, XC endurance, super D, dual slalom, dirt jumping, and downhill. She chased her love for speed into racing DH. This extensive background gives her a perspective that can relate to nearly any rider of any background, and work with them based on their goals. While coaching the skills needed to ride well, Kim loves to emphasize staying loose and being playful on the bike, because bikes are fun!


Tammy Donahugh is a Santa Cruz native now residing in Colorado Springs, CO. Tammy’s 24 years of experience on the bike includes racing downhill in the pro circuit, traveling the continent to explore bike parks, competing in slopestyle/dirt jump competitions, and coaching bike skill clinics. 
Tammy has been with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) for twelve years. Her tenure has included running IMBA HQ as the Operations Manager, to designing and building bike parks for IMBA's Trail Solutions, to her current title, IMBA's Instructor Certification Program Manager. Tammy’s coaching credentials are an ICP (Instructor Certification Program) Level 3 and she has been teaching individual and group clinics for ten years. 
Tammy has a true passion for the sport and loves to share her knowledge with others. Tammy created and produced Dixie Trix in 2012 and 2013, an all women's freeride event which included clinics with certified pro riders, and a slopestyle competition for amateurs and pros.      


Follow Tammy on Facebook& Instagram, or learn more about the IMBA program she’s helped to shape.


Wendy Palmer lives in Moab, Utah where she is a coach for Moab Mountain Bike Instruction and buyer for Chile Pepper Bike Shop.  Wendy has been riding mountain bikes for eleven years and has been a professional downhill and slalom racer for nine. In addition to DH and slalom, she is an avid trail rider, dabbles in dirt jumping, and just started racing enduros. Wendy has a great way of assessing each participants personality and riding style and adapts her coaching methods on an individual basis.

Wendy and Tracy Reed, from Chile Pepper Bike Shop, put on the Moab Ho Down every fall which is a super fun non-profit event and the primary source of funding for the new Moab Bike Park. Wendy is passionate about riding and about inspiring women to get out and shred!

Corie Spruill grew up in the wilds of Soldotna, Alaska. A self-declared adrenaline junkie, she got her start riding moto because "that's what the people I hung out with did." Although she was introduced to mountain biking when she moved to Colorado in 2010, it wasn't until she met a strong group of women that riding really became her passion. She loves riding with women because of the playful no-pressure attitude. Progression keeps her riding today; she's constantly learning on the trail, and with new skills come new adventures. Mountain biking has given her life a clarity that she couldn't have achieved otherwise, which she loves sharing with others. "Mountain biking is seriously my life."

After racing mountain cross and slalom professionally for many years, Bobbi Kae Watt now finds enjoyment in helping others become comfortable on their bikes and do things they only ever imagined. She is married with two awesome, young girls, and works as a Nurse in the Emergency Department.

Jen Crew was reborn in Colorado in 2011 when she discovered mountain bikes. Jen has always had this insatiable hunger for adventure, challenge, and going fast. Mountain biking is the perfect marriage of the three and she found it to be one of her greatest joys. Jen currently works full time as a flight nurse, her dream job since she was a little girl. Jen's favorite time of the year is when the high alpine wildflowers bloom and she disappears to all her favorite trails.

Coach Martha Lemen has been teaching mostly adults and lately, mostly women, how to improve riding skills since 1995. Her personal mission is to guide the new rider to a lifelong love of mountain biking. Her teaching style developed as she created the mountain bike program at a local health resort in 1995. It was here where she learned that bleeding is not required to have a "good" ride, and that mountain biking is one of the most mindful activities anyone can do. Learning how to be present in the moment is key to keeping your blood inside you.

Martha has been riding bikes since 1984, having caught the bug after seeing Americans kick butt at the Olympics. Since then, biking has been a part of her adult life, and she's been fortunate to have many jobs where she got paid to ride/guide/instruct. Teaching new riders how to be a better rider is her passion, and profession. 

Martha and her partner, Edy Yee, run a mountain bike instructional school in Tucson, Fat Tire Finesse.


Tara Reddinger-Adams may live in Minnesota, but her heart is in the mountains. Tara grew up riding bikes and never really stopped. Tara holds both PMBIA Level I and IMBA ICP Level I certifications and enjoys taking her practice to the trail. Tara owns North Star Mountain Bike Guides and provides coaching and guiding services in Minnesota and enjoys every opportunity she has to coach with VIDA MTB Series.

"With mountain biking there is always something new to learn, whether it be cleaning a feature you have never cleaned, pinning a new trail, or exploring someplace new by bike. It never gets old." Tara enjoys being outside, and finds mountain biking to be peaceful, restorative and a great way to relieve stress. Tara is passionate about helping to empower women on their bike, "I love helping women learn new skills and conquer fears. The best moments are seeing the smiles, high fives, and who-hoo's that come when someone accomplishes something new."

Mountain Biking is Dee Bartlam's passion and has been for 10 years! She loves being a part of clinics for women and seeing the magic that happens: the "aha" moments, the inspiration, and the empowerment! Dee is a PMBI Level I coach and actively involved in her community in Duluth, MN. When Dee is not riding, she is an Oncology RN in a busy clinic, and a mother to three daughters. She enjoys traveling for fly fishing and mountain biking with her husband.

After learning how to ride in the unlikeliest of places while living in Indiana, Katie Branham has been riding for six years and is in her second year of racing. She first picked up a mountain bike to train for an off-road triathlon, and was frustrated and terrified while trying to learn from the guys. Fortunately, Katie found a women’s mountain bike clinic that year and became hooked on the process of learning bike handling skills and gaining more confidence. Katie is an Alabama native who found her home in Colorado Springs with her husband Luke and dog Willow. She races and coaches for the Women’s Mountain Bike Association of Colorado Springs.

Jessica Verplank has been mountain biking for nine years, thanks to the support from her husband and the Women's Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs (WMBA). As an IMBA ICP Level I instructor, Jessica has been leading women's group rides and skills clinics for five years and continues to thrive on inspiring women to ride to their full potential.