Jewels Olsen, the Queen of High Alpine

Jewels Olsen is the ultimate bad#$&. Former professional big mountain snowboarder, downhill racer, passionate mountain biker, coach, mother, and small business owner, Jewels has an impressive resume.  She has traveled the world for the most extreme snowboarding competitions, and when she retired she took up downhilling as a pastime. She charges hard. If you have ever had the privilege of riding with her, then you’ve felt her infectious enthusiasm for riding bikes. I’ve never seen anyone with a bigger smile on a powder day, or so full of excitement after shredding a quality section of singletrack.

Jewels rides bikes like her life depends on it, and it probably does.  Back in the day, a friend’s GT Zaskar stirred some envy in her, enticing her to start riding just as the sport was becoming popular. She wanted to ride in the woods, get dirty, get in shape, and find an athletic outlet she loved. Mountain biking fit the bill, providing a channel to exhaust herself, secure time to think, lose bad habits, and set goals. Most importantly, it became a way for her to feel good about herself; mountain biking is not just a sport for her, it’s a lifestyle.

North Prairie, Wisconsin was not traditionally a beginner-friendly riding destination. In college, Jewels found some pretty rough and raw trails and went for it. Despite not knowing what she was doing, she rode every day.

The trails are still there, although they’ve been tamed a bit and her skills have improved exponentially. Jewels now hails from Keystone, Colorado. Riding the bike park on a daily basis has given her an intimate knowledge of every twist and turn; if you ask nicely, she might even share her favorite secret trails…

She is the undisputed queen of high alpine riding. No matter the conditions, you can find Jewels high above tree line, traversing ridges, braving haunted mining relics, and forging her own trails. If you ask her, she’ll tell you simply that mountain biking is just what she does. She loves the solitude that she finds when riding by herself in the backcountry. She also loves riding with friends that drive her to be a better, stronger rider.  The camaraderie gives her the strength to push harder than she would on her own.

No one on the Beti AllRide team loves to push it as hard as she does, and dives into riding with such reckless abandon. Jewels has an innate athletic talent that keeps her rubber on the ground and her race times fast. Her skills transcend easily through her coaching. Limitations do not cross her brain when she rides, and Jewels’ biggest motivation for coaching is teaching her students to go beyond what they though was possible. She “adopts” her students, endeavors to help them achieve goals they never thought possible, and relishes being a part of their successes.

Jewels will be coaching at the Beti AllRide Clinic in Keystone, CO, on June 21st.  She’s not only a dear friend, but an integral part of our team that adds a vibrant dimension to an already accomplished and inspiring crew.