Why I am excited for the Duluth VIDA MTB Series

VIDA Ambassador Michelle from Minneapolis has been keeping it hardcore in the city and striving to get more women out on the trails. We can't wait to reunite with her and get her to her first VIDA clinic next week! In the meantime, Michelle paused to share some of her feelings regarding the upcoming clinic.

A few weekends back I was driving up to the north shore of Minnesota to explore the hiking trails and take in the beauty of Lake Superior and once again, drove right by the many miles of unexplored single track of Duluth, Minnesota. Staring out the window knowing it was not in the plan to explore these trails usually brings on confusion and a tinge of disappointment.  I wonder why my friends don’t find the same joy in mountain biking as I do. But as we sped past Duluth, home to the recently named gold level ride center for its flowy trails and bike playgrounds. I held onto the knowledge that the next time I would drive up north, I would be attending the first Duluth VIDA MTB Series and the anticipation eased my angst, knowing I would soon return to ride these trails.

As an ambassador for the series, I feel like I should be able to rattle off exactly what we will be doing during this two-day clinic. I can’t, and that’s okay.  In fact, the uncertainty heightens my anticipation, and knowing VIDA's mission to foster a passion among women for mountain biking and create a lifelong community of riders, I have an overwhelming feeling that my life will be improved upon, my life will simply be more fun by becoming a thread of this network of awesome women. I hope that I can come away with a few “ah ha” moments and a few moments of surprise as I overcome something new and scary. I am excited to discover new trail systems and the bike park at Spirit Mountain, but what I am most excited about is to share my passion for biking with old and new friends.  This past week my biking buddy Maddie summed up the truth of being a mountain girl in an urban setting:  “It’s easy to find someone to go to happy hour with…not so easy to find women to be adventurous with.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m excited to be amongst a new group of women #ladyshred riders, ladies who want it all, the adventures and the well-earned beer. We’ll be sure to get happy hour after we’re a little dusty and spent from a day spent spinning our wheels on the singletrack.

See you all soon!

-- Michelle