Why I Love My Bike

By: Taylor Bonga 

Bikes take us to places our feet or cars may never be able to.  They help take our minds far away from obligations and responsibilities.  They help us overcome challenges both on and off our wheels. They bring new friends and a strong community. 

These are just a few reasons why I like bikes in general.  They have made a permanent place in my life and an everlasting impression.  Now, it's my mountain bike where my love grows.  I have a Yeti SB5c and it is my absolute favorite bike I've owned thus far.  

Let's start with the most important, it looks really good!  I mean, turquoise is my favorite color so we got that checked! 

It rides like a dream.  I've actually joked that it may have made me a better rider... now this may or may not be true.  It feels like it, but honestly it may just be the confidence I have grown which in turn is aiding in my ability to ride features and trails I haven't in the past.  

Climbing has never been more fun! And trust me, I'll be the first one to tell you climbing is for the birds! I met a man on Dakota Ridge who wanted to ride with me and take notes on how well I was climbing with my Yeti.  That was pretty cool and definitely a first.

The suspension feels amazing! I can open it up all the way on the tougher technical descents and I feel like I'm riding through butter! Ok not quite butter, but it's the smoothest ride down I've ever had! Or maybe I'm riding some more cross country type trail or racing for the Beti Bike Bash, I just move my sets to the middle and I have more room for speed!  

It's been durable, fun and an all around great bike! It's never too much and never too little.   I feel like it's gold locks' perfect bike! And mine too.