VIDA grew from the strong foundations created by the first Beti Clinic at Keystone Resort in Keystone, CO, in 2013. The Beti Clinic was a natural extension of the growing women's community in the Rocky Mountains, started by Team Yeti Beti and the Beti Bike Bash, the first women's mountain bike race in Colorado. In it’s first year, the Beti Clinic attracted 90 participants and 13 coaches to ride, learn and teach. The focus of the weekend was healthy progression for women, by women.

The weekend was instantly a hit! Women were talking about their experiences on social media for weeks and it caught the media's headlines. The feedback was overwhelming positive, with 90 percent in a post-event survey saying they would attend more clinics like this and invite their friends. We repeatedly heard that more events need to exist. As a result of this spoken word from the women's riding community, a passion behind the scenes, and a vision from the female leaders in the sport, the Beti Clinic expanded to four events and locations in 2014.

After another whirlwind summer of riding and inspiring women in the Rocky Mountain region, we knew that the Beti Clinic had more potential than we ever expected. As we began to stretch our wings and become more involved in new projects, we realized that the Beti Clinic had outgrown its origins, and it was time to create a novel identity. The VIDA MTB Series was a natural evolution of the Beti Clinic, a new incarnation that celebrates the entire lifestyle of women riders, and that supports them in all of their endeavors.

Today, the VIDA MTB Series is focused on inspiring a movement to promote cycling as a way of improving lives. VIDA MTB works to unify women’s voices to send clear messages to the cycling community, increasing the visibility of women riders. Our fundamental goal is to encourage more women to ride bikes and support them in their endeavors through instruction, building communities, and breaking down barriers to participation.