From Rider to Racer is a program dedicated to taking you from your favorite trail to the start line of enduro racing. The VIDA MTB Series is partnered with local bike shops, race promoters, nutritionists, trainers and coaches to build a comprehensive program to guide you through group rides, skills work, shop nights/tech talks, and training for your first


The program includes:

1-Day VIDA MTB Series Clinic - Snowmass, CO

1-Day Race Entry to the Big Mountain Enduro Race in Snowmass, CO

Customized Yeti Cycles W's Enduro Jersey

Four Instructional Group Rides Focused on Skills and Practical Learning

Focused panels and discussions on nutrition and strength training

Fours Shop nights centered on bike mechanics and getting your goods race ready

Discounted race entires to the Revolution Enduro Series

All program events will be small group and limited to Rider to Racer participants.

I'm interested, but have more questions: 

What is an Enduro Race? 


"What if you just want to ride some great trails, are happy to pedal to the top if you need to and mainly want to have fun on your bike, but still fancy doing a bit of racing? What if you can only afford one bike in the garage and can’t justify having a specialist race bike? That’s where enduro fits." Thanks for summing that up for us PinkBike! Enduro MTB Racing consists of a series of timed downhill sections, with the rider pedaling to the top of each stage. Downhill trails can vary on their technical level, but most are within an intermediate/strong intermediate's wheel house. It's also a laugh and smile until your cheeks hurt sort of day. You'll spend stages pedaling with your ladyshred tribe and stop at aid stations to refuel and refresh. Imagine riding with friends all day and mixing in bombing down trails free of people, dogs, and other bikers.  

What level rider do I need to be? 

This program is focused towards intermediate to advanced riders. Those with an intermediate or strong intermediate riding background will gain the most from this program as most riding and coaching will assume a baseline of experience.

  • Intermediate | You ride technical trails with rock gardens. You get by but don't always make it look pretty. You might not be sure how to descend steep sections or how to steer the bike while descending or at higher speeds; you find it challenging to climb over obstacles.

  • Strong Intermediate | You have good bike handling skills at both high and low speeds, you ride black trails, but you’re not sure of how to create flow. You would love to learn how to hold lines at higher speeds over technical terrain. You might be heavy on the brakes in corners and need to learn how to hold better speed in corners or berms. You’ve started getting some airtime but you’d like more confidence to hit drops and jump.

  • Advanced | You feel comfortable on your bike, you’ve been riding difficult, black diamond trails. You can't always hold your lines, but you have good bike skills at both high and slow speeds. You’re comfortable getting over obstacles, getting a bit of airtime off drops and tables, and have basic cornering skills.

How much skills work will we get? 

You will have a variety of opportunities to work on specific skills. Our VIDA coaches will lead monthly group rides in the Front Range. You will spend 15-20 minutes reviewing core skills at the trailhead before taking learning to the trails. You can join us at a clinic an in-depth clinic experience, available at a discounted rate. And, you will have one to two days before the race in Snowmass for a full clinic experience. That totals over 50 hours of instruction. 


What if I have done an enduro race previously but had a horrible time? 

Chances are, you had a horrible time because: your bike had mechanicals, the terrain was too difficult, racing downhill was intimidating, riding uphill was hard, you weren't in shape, you did not eat or drink enough, and so on and so on. The Rider to Racer program will address each of these pre, during, and post race topics to get you dialed in and ready. Plus, we will have Wheat Ridge Cyclery on hand to provide race day mechanical support. You will have the preparedness, community and support to have an awesome day. 

I've never raced and do not have much interest. Why should I sign up? 

You will join a fantastic community and become a better rider. You will learn about nutrition, strength programs, and gear selection. You will learn basic bike maintenance and will have the confidence to tackle mechanicals on the trail. And, you'll get a sweet jersey. 

Program Options 

TIER 1 - $550 - All-Inclusive

  • Clinic and race weekend

  • Race-day mechanic support

  • 4 group rides with coaching; Access to weekly group rides

  • 4 shop nights focused on bike maintenance, gear preparedness and choice, nutrition, and strength training.

  • Custom Yeti W's Enduro Jersey

Valued at $700 - 21% discount

TIER 2 - $510                                

  • Clinic and race weekend

  • Race-day mechanic support

  • 4 group rides with coaching; Access to weekly group rides

  • Custom Yeti W's Enduro Jersey

Valued at $620 - 18% discount

TIER 3 - $450

  • Clinic and race weekend

  • Race-day mechanic support

  • Custom Yeti W's Enduro Jersey

Valued at $500 - 10% discount


A La Carte Options

Coaches Group Rides - $30 per ride

*Applies to coached rides only, weekly group rides will be open to all women free of charge thanks to our partners

Shop Nights - $20 per shop night


May - August, 2019


From $395


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