I learned so much and my confidence and comfort level on my bike has increased exponentially! I went out biking with my husband the day after the clinic and the difference was mind blowing. I’m no longer in constant panic attack mode when on my bike! I no longer have concerns of biting off my own tongue because I’m so tense and scared! I was actually able to enjoy myself on my bike! This has NEVER happened before, and I’ve owned the bike for over a year and been out on probably 25 rides or more previous to this. I truly “owned my ride” yesterday and I have Katie and Anne to thank for that!
— Misti S., Mountain Bike Mommy
The Beti Clinic was incredibly inspiring to me. Not only because I was surrounded by amazing women who share a common interest, it was the sense of community; the ability to grow and learn together. It was being able to attempt and complete jumps and drops that I would have been unlikely to try on my own before. It was getting speed I didn’t think possible on my bike. Last weekend my husband, myself and a friend went to Winter Park to try downhilling. They both commented about how impressed they were with my riding and how much I had progressed, and at one point my husband mentioned that I was getting to be a stronger rider than he is. I can attribute all of it to the Beti Clinic.
— Sarah W, Crested Butte 2014

I loved it, I love all the Betis, and feel so lucky to have been a part of these clinics. 

I read something the other day that said, ‘I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good vibes. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow.’ I don’t think I could put it any better than that. It was a really great experience, and I’m so happy that I did the clinic. All of the extra events outside the riding like yoga and happy hour made it feel like a full-blown vacation.
— Participant at Angel Fire, 2014

This course far exceeded my expectations from the butterflies in the morning of day 1 to the sheer exhaustion at the end of day 2. I was constantly learning, pushing, driving far beyond what I thought I was capable of. Such an amazing bunch of driven and insanely impressive women. I am brining all of the Vail ladies next year! Thank you for making me a better rider and better woman.

Great learning environment, excellent coaches provided very specific advice. So many AHA moments. You guys are amazing. Thank you for getting me out of my head and back to having fun!

The experience is super valuable. The energy all the coaches create and the spirit/intentions of this clinic really met my needs.

Skills progression and jump park and was awesome. I felt like I learned the most here because the coaches could give good feedback.

Wendy was an incredible teacher. She was really able to break skills down into component parts and explain things in different ways. She was also able to watch you do something and tell you exactly what you were doing right and where things were breaking down. I learned a ton of new skills and came away with much more confidence and a lot of drills to work on. Thank you ladies for putting together such a great weekend besides the bike riding, the events, meals, extras and meeting new people was really fun. I will definitely recommend the Beti Clinics to my friends!
— Karen M, Angel Fire 2014

Coach Lisa was very patient, cared about individuals and their desires and wants. Thank you for offering the clinic, fabulous opportunity for women.

For those that were on the fence this year about signing up for the Beti Clinic, I would highly recommend it—for any level, experience or years riding. The coaches did a great job empowering women by teaching skills, and giving them the confidence that ladies can huck it, just like the guys!
— Carrie D, Keystone 2013

Your purpose, mission, commitment, communication, and leadership is inspiring.

Ashley was an amazing instructor. We had a group of five ladies and each of us was given individual attention. She made each skills lesson so valuable to our varying abilities.

What words come to mind when I think of my experience at the Beti Clinic in Crested Butte? Community. Flying. Crashing. Repetition. Laughs. Bike nerding. Challenging. Encouraging.

I rode in the advanced group and I learned. A ton. I learned more than I thought I would and then some more. I met fantastic, inspiring and intelligent women. I rode until my legs were burning and I couldn’t lift my arms and my face hurt from the grin I had on.

I learned a lot about myself as well. Wendy had a coaching style that really clicked with everyone – first she’d discuss theory, then demonstrate, and then work us all through the rock gardens, drops and jumps individually. The biggest takeaway for me was to trust my riding abilities. Once I moved to Colorado and started riding mountain bikes with SRAMmies, I couldn’t have felt weaker, more timid and less able. It wasn’t any fault of their own, it’s just difficult to keep your head up when you see people riding things that scare the bejeesus out of you, five times faster than you can imagine! Seeing these women tackle difficult features, one after another, made me feel a lot more confident. Lesson after lesson was ‘trust your equipment, trust yourself.’ I can’t even imagine how inspirational this clinic was to women who are less comfortable on the bike than I am.

I haven’t heard of anyone walking away from this event without feeling changed, inspired, and renewed. I absolutely cannot wait to go again next year and see how much further it has grown. I just hope they don’t sell out of registration spots before I get signed up.
— Hannah C, Crested Butte 2014